Tierney Douglas

Tierney is a bit like Peter Pan, the perpetual child playing grownup games even as he refuses to become the adult.  Where the rest of the Nobles have been forced to live their whole lives in this world of violence and death that makes men of them much too soon, Phileas Foote, as Tierney’s godfather, took him in when his parents died, to raise alongside Elli and Ash, in as normal a life as he could manage for them while still preparing them for lives they would one day lead.  For Tierney, this is both a blessing and a curse.  He has always known the truth, known that soon he would find himself donning the noble cloak and taking up arms and that when his time came, he would likely pay the steep price for his stolen years, for the ease of his smile and the boyish flush on his cheeks.

Music plays a large part in my writing.  Every character central to the story has a song or three that have helped to shape them.  Tierney has several, in fact anything by the Libertines would suit him, but I thought I’d share this one in particular:



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A Series by Luthien T. Kennedy

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