Tinimus Wellington

Tin is every father’s worst nightmare, and he knows it… and he regularly takes great pleasure in the fact.  On the surface, he is the kind of guy who sweeps a girl off her feet just by smiling (and not even at her).  Of course, there is a reason he has this ability, but you will have to read the books to figure out why.  The thing is, his natural charm and ridiculously good looks are not the best things about him, though his positive traits tend to go overlooked, mostly because he prefers acting on his negative ones.

Elli and Tinimus are cousins, and he is her closest living relative.  Though he is only a few years older, and he tends to act carelessly (crass, at times brutish, definitely shameless), he does feel greatly responsible for Elli and looks after her more closely than she knows.  As she grows in strength and talent, he takes pride in the fact he has helped her in her accomplishments, and when she fails, which is inevitable, he feels especially to blame.

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A Series by Luthien T. Kennedy

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