Last week, when I promised that I would post yesterday, I didn’t know just how chaotic my house would be after the musical, so instead of writing, I did the responsible thing and cleaned, which was a good thing because by late afternoon the house started filling up with friends and family.  It is Thanksgiving day here in the states, the day which serves as a gentle reminder to all of us to consider the things we are grateful for in our lives while engorging ourselves on Turkey, stuffing, sweet potato casserole and chocolate pie and (if we’re lucky) playing games all day with our families and friends, which is why this post must be short and sweet.

I am truly grateful for my loving husband, who is my best friend, our three patient, kind and compassionate children, who remind me every day to be thankful, our friends who share their lives with us and love us just as family, our menagerie of goofball animals that keep me laughing, and the story that has been a blessing to me.

May you all be blessed with Peace, Love and Joy.

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